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Global Reputation

Amid increasingly fierce global competition for investment, tourism and export markets, a clear articulation of a country’s values, capabilities and beliefs about itself is increasingly important.

Creative Ireland will facilitate the development of that articulation, and will strive to increase our influence in the world, with direct and indirect economic and social benefits.

New Zealand’s nation branding experience, and the international communications approach of the Nordic countries offer instructive case studies for Ireland, showing what can be achieved to alter or broaden perceptions about a country’s values and capabilities, and strengthen international perceptions.

Creative Ireland presents an opportunity to create a single proposition based on Irish culture and creativity that represents a considered, compelling and imaginative view of how we wish to be seen by the outside world – the outward expression of our identity – for everyone who wishes to know about or to engage with Ireland.

This pillar will involve many Government Departments, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport, IDA Ireland, and relevant State agencies that operate at international level.

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The Five Pillars of Creative Ireland