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Enabling Creativity in Every Community

The empowerment of local authorities to lead the engagement of citizens with our arts and culture is essential.

The Centenary Programme demonstrated two critically important aspects of local governance: first, local authorities are the primary instruments of community engagement and second, local authorities have a particular capacity for local programme delivery, especially in the context of citizen engagement.

The empowerment of local authorities to lead the engagement of citizens with our arts and culture is essential. To make this effective, each local authority will be asked to develop a Culture and Creativity Plan, reflecting the overall structure and aims of the national strategy for culture and creativity.

Each local authority will also establish a Culture Team bringing together arts officers, librarians, heritage officers, archivists and other relevant personnel – thus maximising synergies and focusing attention on the capacity of local authorities to foster and encourage creative activity. The team will report to and be led by a Director of Services. A dedicated budget will be allocated to each Local Authority with the primary objective of citizen engagement with their Culture and Creativity Plans.

Creative Ireland will develop and implement Cruinniú na Cásca, an annual programme of arts activities and cultural reflection over Easter Monday – nationally, locally, and in the Diaspora. RTÉ will be the core partner for the main national event which will be modelled on the highly successful RTÉ Reflecting the Rising. This initiative will be replicated across the country using the Culture Night model. Local authorities will be the primary partner for Cruinniú na Cásca in each county.

Beginning in 2018, Creative Ireland will establish and support an annual County of Culture award, allowing individual counties to showcase their cultural creativity over a 12-month period.

Creative Ireland will also establish and support an awards scheme that recognises and rewards Irish-based artists work and seeks to promote them at home and overseas.

The Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and the Department of Social Protection are working together to introduce a new pilot scheme to provide income supports to low-earning artists through the social welfare system.

The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, and all of our Local Authorities will be key partners in this pillar.

Click here for a downloadable .pdf of the programme.

The Five Pillars of Creative Ireland