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Devising an integrated implementation plan for arts in education is a priority for Creative Ireland.

Devising an integrated implementation plan for arts in education is a priority for Creative Ireland. The plan – Creative Children – will be launched later this year.

Curriculum decision-making contributes to every child’s learning and development outcomes in terms of identity, connection with community, wellbeing, confidence as learners and effectiveness as communicators. Children flourish through creative activities and experimenting with forms of expression using a range of media.

Over the course of the programme the Charter for Arts in Education will be embraced, fast-tracked, and resourced as a core element of the Creative Ireland agenda. The Charter sets out a number of clear principles and guidelines including that arts education:

  • Enables the child to explore alternative ways of communicating
  • Encourages ideas that are personal and inventive
  • Makes a vital contribution to the development of a range of intelligences
  • Is life enhancing and is invaluable in stimulating creative thinking and in promoting capability and adaptability
  • Emphasises the creative process and ensures that the child’s work is personal and has quality
  • Ensures artistic expressions are valued, self-esteem is enhanced, spontaneity and risk-taking are encouraged, and difference is celebrated.

Other important expressions of creativity that are relevant to this pillar of Creative Ireland are the worldwide coding-for-children movement exemplified by CoderDojo, Music Generation which is both a cultural movement and an instrument for creative learning, the innovative arts programme for children developed by The Ark, and the schools programmes of Poetry Ireland.

A key objective of Pillar 1 is that by 2022 every child in Ireland will have access to tuition and participation in art, music, drama and coding.

The Department of Education and Skills will be a key partner in implementing this pillar. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs will also be central to the success of this pillar.

Click here for a downloadable .pdf of the programme.

The Five Pillars of Creative Ireland