As part of the Creative Ireland Programme, each of the 31 local authorities has established a Culture Team bringing together arts officers, librarians, heritage officers, archivists and other relevant expertise to foster and encourage creative activity.

A Creative Ireland Coordinator from within each Culture Team, works closely with the Creative Ireland Programme office, to lead and implement a bespoke Culture and Creativity plan at local level.

The Creative Ireland Programme Local Authority Coordinators and Culture Teams are integral to the Programme – creating, coordinating and enabling cultural and creative activity in communities all across Ireland. 

Below are a selection of useful links to Departments, organisations and initiatives who are developing and implementing culture, creative and wellbeing programmes:

The Creative Ireland Programme works in collaboration and partnership with a diverse range of local and national Government departments, organisations, agencies and individuals.  By working collaboratively, opportunities to support creativity and wellbeing are identified, supported and activated as well as new initiatives developed.


With a nationally-recognised progressive arts infrastructure and proud bilingual status, Carlow is a county that makes investment in creativity a top priority. Carlow is home to Ireland’s largest music education programme, Music Generation, and its rich network of cultural amenities - from world-class arts centre “VISUAL” to outstanding museum and library services, and nationally recognised Youth Arts initiatives - will contribute greatly to a vibrant and distinct Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Plan. View full page


County Cavan is a haven for culture and creativity, boasting a collaborative and community-minded approach to the development of the arts that has produced such notable figures as 18th-century poet Cathal Buí Mac Giolla Ghunna ("Yellow Cathal McElgunn") and, more recently, celebrity chef and author Neven Maguire. View full page


A hive of Irish culture and history, Clare has long attracted visitors with the perfect combination of renowned cultural events and inspiring surrounds. Home to incredible natural heritage sites such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, along with more than 150 festivals each year, Clare positively brims with the arts. View full page

Cork County

Occupying one-tenth of the country at close to 7,500 square kilometres and with a population of over 417,000 people, County Cork’s creative and cultural heritage is as multifaceted and ever-evolving as it is undeniably distinct. Contemporary yet historic, with incredible built, natural, archaeological, cultural and maritime heritage - as well as two Gaeltacht areas - there is no shortage of cultural inspiration in this haven of creativity. View full page

Dublin City

World-renowned for its captivating cultural heritage, UNESCO City of Literature status and ever-evolving creative nous, Dublin City’s Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Plan will see the city and its citizens more connected than ever. Culture is at the very heart of Dublin’s identity and quality of life, its presence is central to making a vibrant city that is an appealing destination for tourists, the city’s residents and its creative industries. View full page

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown

A unique and culturally rich part of the country, the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area is home to a vibrant creative community of writers, artists, performers and a host of dedicated participants in local arts, creative and cultural activities. View full page


Boasting an 88km coastline of natural beauty, waterways, landscape and wildlife, Fingal’s rich heritage stretches back thousands of years, it encompasses the passage tombs of Bremore, the medieval settlements of Swords and Lusk and the ancient castles of Malahide and Ardgillan. The county has strong horticultural, agricultural and fishing traditions and enjoys a rich cultural heritage of local history, music and folklore. View full page

Galway City

Galway City, or The City of Tribes, has long been a home of youth, learning, diversity and creativity. A beacon of culture in Ireland’s west, its vibrant arts, culture, theatre, heritage and music scene makes it a true destination for artists, thinkers and creators of all kinds. View full page


Long recognised as a hub of arts, crafts, heritage, design, and creativity, Kilkenny is a bastion of culture in Ireland. Featuring architecture from as far back as the Stone Age and modern-day national cultural agencies like the Heritage Council and the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, Kilkenny attracts the cream of the crop of makers, thinkers and players to its cities and towns, and turns out its fair share of notable creatives, too. Architect James Hoban, best known for designing the White House in the Washington, D.C., was a Kilkenny native, and singer Seamus Moore also claims the county as his home. View full page


An integral part of the Ireland’s Ancient East region and the home of such heritage sites as Castle Durrow, Emo Court and the Rock of Dunamase, Laois is a county that places its rich cultural endowments at the heart of life for all its citizens. As part of its Creative Ireland culture and creativity plan, Laois is set to enhance this dedication to arts access for all by concentrating its projects and initiatives around the core themes of identity, culture, and citizenship. View full page


A county known for its roots in Irish mythology, it’s where the legend The Wooing of Étain took place, its beautiful heritage sites like Abbeyshrule’s Cistercian abbey, and its rich literary heritage via writers Oliver Goldsmith and Maria Edgeworth; Longford’s Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Plan is set to put culture and creativity front-and-centre in the lives of its vibrant community. View full page


The site of An Táin Bó Cúailnge, the ancient tale from early Irish literature, a place with a long-held lineage to the Irish language, Omeath was the very last Irish-speaking part of Leinster, and a county with a proud tradition of poetry and music, Louth’s Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Plan sees the culture, passion and strength of its community harnessed for all to enjoy. View full page


With over 500 artists and creatives of all disciplines living and working in the county, it’s no surprise that Mayo’s known for its vibrant cultural sensibility. With a wealth of natural and cultural character, from a maritime history haunted by the ghost of Granuaile, to the ancient Céide Fields, the dramatic landscape has also inspired artists and authors alike. Mayo’s literary heritage stretches from 18th-century poet Antoine Ó Raifteirí right up to today’s prize-winning authors like Mike McCormack, Sally Rooney and Eimear MacBride. View full page


From the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site Brú na Bóinne, which is home to Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, to the ancient seat of the High King of Ireland - the Hill of Tara, not to mention its vibrant Gaeltacht area, Meath has a vast cultural and historic well to draw creative inspiration from. The county’s cultural sector is a thriving one, with artists of diverse disciplines living and working there, while professional arts organisations, amateur and community groups all enhance the area’s immense cultural character. View full page


A county historically steeped in rich cultural heritage and industry, Monaghan is renowned for its diverse cultural and creative sensibility. The county’s vibrant arts and cultural sectors provide excellent opportunities for everyone in the community to learn and engage in creativity. View full page


Cosmopolitan yet singular, ancient yet forward-thinking, Sligo enjoys its much-deserved status as the cultural capital of the northwest of Ireland. The county’s rich literary and cultural heritage, which stretches back to ancient times, is an energising force for the citizens of Sligo, as well as a wonderful showcase for visitors from around the globe. View full page


The sixth-largest county in Ireland, Tipperary enjoys a richness and diversity of culture and heritage that has inspired generations of its citizens down through the centuries. Actors Kerry Condon and Pat Shortt, tenor Frank Patterson, and a bevy of musicians from the Clancy Brothers to Shane MacGowan have all contributed their distinct creative energies, inspired by the built and natural assets of their home county, to place Tipperary firmly on the map. View full page


A county boasting rich artistic heritage from renowned Mullingar-based author JP Donleavy to 18th-century writer Oliver Goldsmith , not to mention Athlone’s celebrated tenor Count John McCormack; Westmeath’s cultural, creative and local roots will all be drawn upon for its Creative Ireland Culture and Creativity Plan. View full page


Wicklow, or the Garden of Ireland, is renowned for its unique cultural nous and idyllic, inspirational landscape. Known on the world stage for its vast contribution to film and media production, Wicklow’s Culture and Creativity Plan recognises the value of the arts and their great potential impact on citizens. View full page